Android vs iPhone iOS: Who Is The Best

Android vs iPhone iOS

Android vs iPhone iOS: Who Is The Best – Hello friends, I am going to talk on another interesting topic again today. Today, through this article, we will comparison between you Android v / s iPhone iOS and know who is the best for you. And which smartphone should you use.

Android vs iPhone iOS

Now we will give you detailed information about Android v / s iPhone iOS: Who Is The Best. Everyone crazes an iPhone. Everyone wants to have an iPhone because everyone knows the iPhone as a status. Have you ever wondered how many people who use iPhone face many problems. Because iPhone is very difficult to use compared to Android smartphone.

Android vs iPhone iOS: Who Is The Best

If you too are thinking of leaving Android  and taking iPhone , then first of all read this article. After that you have to decide whether you should get an iPhone or not. And believe me, after reading this article, you will drop the idea of ​​taking iPhone from your heart and mind.

Let us now tell you through this article about Android v / s iPhone iOS: Who Is The Best.

Android v / s iPhone iOS: Charger And Memory Card

Memory card is the important for our smartphone. Everyone knows this well. We can insert the memory card into our Android smartphone according to our need and use the memory card. But you are not given the option to use memory card in iPhone. The internal storage you get in iPhone. You have to run your work on the same internal storage.

Now let’s talk about the charger for Android phone. When you need Android phone charger, you can easily find Android phone charger very easily at your friend or your brother or anywhere else. If we talk about the iPhone now, it is very difficult to find iPhone charger everywhere. Because you will get the charger of the iPhone only and only at the home of the iPhone user. Because the charging port of the iPhone charger is different from every other smartphone.

Android v / s iPhone iOS: Incoming Call Screen

If we have any See video in our Android smartphone or we are doing some work. So at that time a call comes and we do not want to receive that call, then we ignore it very easily. Or if you say, you minimize the call.

And right here, if we talk about the iPhone, you do not get the facility of minimization on the iPhone. You have to wait until that call is disconnected.

Android v / s iPhone iOS: Freedom

If we talk about freedom in Android smartphones, then we get a lot of features here. We can download our favorite application in our smartphone. If we want to download music or a new movie in our smartphone, then we can do it with the help of an application very easily.

If we talk about the iPhone now, here you can not download any application or browser. You can only use the browser application you get in iPhone.

Android v / s iPhone iOS: Music In

today’s time, if your smartphone does not have music, then the smartphone is useless for you. In Android Smartphones, we get many applications for listening to music. With the help of these applications we can download music for free in our Android smartphone and can also listen to them for free.

But you do not get this feature in iPhone. IPhone has its own music application. If you want to download a song from this music application, then you have to pay some money first.

Android v / s iPhone iOS: User Interface

The biggest feature of Android Smartphone is that you can customize it according to your own very easily. For good looking on your smartphone, you can download the theme wallpaper and apply it accordingly. And you can make the interface of Android smartphone attractive according to yourself.

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Now if we talk about iPhone, then you cannot do any customization in iPhone. You can only use the interface provided by the company.

Android v / s iPhone iOS : Conclusion

Friends, we have given you detailed information about Android v / s iPhone iOS: Who Is The Best through article. After reading this article, you can now easily decide which you should choose on Android smartphone and iPhone.

I hope that after reading this article, you will have got complete information about the difference between iPhone and Android in your mind.

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