Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Better

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Better – Hello friends and welcome to our blog website. Today we are going to talk to you again on a very interesting topic. Today we will talk through this article about Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Better. And know which platform is better and right for you.

Friends, in today’s time, when a person starts blogging, there is only one question in his mind. Which platform choose  for blogging. Today, we have brought the answer to your question through this article. And we will give you complete information about which platform is right for you.

Blogger Vs WordPress

If talked about, there are many platforms available online for blogging at this time. Such as Blogger, WordPress, tumbler, Wix platform are available. But all of us bloggers mostly choose WordPress or Blogger only. There are a lot of people here who mostly like Blogger and here are some people who like World Press.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Better

If you are also facing the same problem and you do not understand which platform we choose for our blogging. So you read this article completely, after that you will understand which platform is better for you. You can choose whether you want to choose WordPress or Blogger for your blogging.

Let us now know about Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Is Better through this article.

I would like to tell all of you that if you are going to start blogging, then you should use Blogger in the beginning. And after that when you have complete knowledge about blogging and website, then you can later shift your website to WordPress.

Because blogger is good for small level blogging. But when it comes to big platforms, then we should work on WordPress only. Because on WordPress we get a lot of features to work on our website. Which is limited to a very limit in Blogger.

Now we tell you by compressing between WordPress and Blogger. Then you will understand very easily which platform is better for you.


When you start blogging in Startup, Blogger is a very good platform for you. The reason for this is that initially you do not have knowledge. So you can learn how to create a website from blogger and design website and learn lots of information about blogging for free. Because everyone knows that Blogger is a platform. Where you do not have to spend any money for hosting and domain. If you create your website in Blogger, then you are not going to get any investment here.

You all must have heard many times that if you start blogging in Blogger then you get a lot of help in Seo. Because the blogger platform is Google’s own product. Let us tell you clearly about it that it is completely wrong. Let us tell you one thing clearly for Seo that Seo depends on how you have designed your website. And you have Seo Optimize your website or not.


Now we talk about WordPress. If your website is 3 to 4 months old, then you can now shift your website to WordPress. When you try your website in WordPress, you get a lot of controls to work in the website. With the help of which you can design your website in your own way.

In WordPress we get many such features, with the help of which we can implement our website in the desired way. In World Press you will find many such free plugins with the help of which you can Seo optimize your website very easily.

WordPress is a platform that is used most for blogging all over the world. Most people who want to pursue a career in blogging choose all the WordPress platforms.


Friends, if you are new to blogging and you do not have much knowledge about website of blogging, then you should choose Blogger as a starting point. And after that gradually as you get good knowledge about website and blogging. After this you can convert your website to WordPress.

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Because WordPress is a huge platform. Where you need to learn a lot. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you do not always work on Blogger. As soon as you start getting response from your website, you should immediately shift your website to WordPress.

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