How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress

How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress

How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress – Hello Friends and welcome to our blogging website. Today we are going to tell you through this article how to add Discuss Commenting System in WordPress.

How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress

If your website is on WordPress then Discuss Commenting System is a very good option for you. Discuss is a good popular third-party commenting system made especially for WordPress users. Most of the big bloggers use Discuss Commenting System in their website.

How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress

Discuss is known for its special features and Professionality. You can manage the comments of your website very easily with the help of Disque. Most professional bloggers use the Discuss plugin to manage comments in their WordPress blog or website.

Let us now know through this article How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress.

We show you step 2 step how to add Discuss comment to your WordPress website.

  • First of all, you should go to your browser and  open the website. And to sign up in this website, you click on the sign up button.
  • When you click on sign up, after entering your website name email address and password, click on Next button.
  • After this you again put your website name and the name of your website on the option of Choose your unique Discuss URL. And after that you select the category and click on the Next button.
  • After this, you have to click the Skip button in all the options you get.
  • After this you will get to the Dashboard of Direct Discuss.
  • Now after this you will have to integrate Discuss commenting system with your CMS.
  • Now you have to first choose the option of WordPress. Discuss is also available for other CMS and softwares.
  • Now go to your WordPress dashboard and install its plugin.
  • Once you install and activate this plugin, after that you just have to do some configuration.
  • Whatever websites and blogs you have added to your Discuss profile, you will see it here, when you configure this plugin with your Discuss account.
  • Whichever site you have to install this system, just select it and next. That’s it! Discuss commenting system will be added to your WordPress blog. It may take some time for your existing WordPress default comments to be imported, depending on what the count of exisiting comments on your blog is.
  • Go to the plugin settings on the same page and under Import and Export under the next page you can see that there will be a button, Export comments then Discuss. Click on it and this export work will start.
  • Now is the time to return to the website of Discuss, and configure some settings which may be useful for you. I would recommend that you moderate every single comment on your blog.

That’s it, you will be able to enable Discuss commenting system very easily by following this tutorial.


Friends, through this speculation, we gave you detailed information about How To Add Discuss Commenting System In WordPress.

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