How To Check Spelling Mistake ? What Is Grammarly ?

What Is Grammarly

How To Check Spelling Mistake ? What Is Grammarly ? – In today’s time, many people are trying to learn English language and write well because the craze of speaking and writing English is increasing day by day. If you are a blogger then you will understand its importance very well. Because blogs written in English Language get an opportunity to earn more money. 6 Common Blogging Mistakes

But those who are about to write new English often have mistakes in their spellings. How do Spelling Mistakes improve in such a situation? It is often searched on the Internet. Today we are going to tell you about a Grammarly application through which you can not only improve your Spelling Mistakes but also correct the Helping Verb.

What Is Grammarly ?

Grammarly is an application or simply a free online tool that gives instructions to correct the mistakes made in your English spellings. Not only this, you can also correct those spellings in one click. In addition to correcting the spellings, it also facilitates correcting Grammatical Error.

If you want to take its premium version, then it gives you many more features. But if you want to use this app only for Spellings Mistake and Grammatical Error, then there is no need for you to get the premium version. Now we are going to tell you about how to download Grammarly?

How To Download Grammarly ?

If you want to use it on a laptop or computer, then you get two types of facilities, first as Extension and second as Software. If you want to use Grammarly as an extension, you can download and install this extension by going to Google Web Store.

Apart from this, if you want to download its software for computer, then you have to go to the official website of Grammarly and download its software. Apart from this, if you want to use it in Android smartphone, then for this you can download this app by going to Google Play Store.

How To Use Grammarly ?

Using grammarly is also very easy for any new user. First of all, download and install this application or software. After this, register an account on this. There is also a facility to register through Facebook and Gmail. After doing this, Grammarly‘s system on your keyboard will be On.

After this, whenever you type a spelling, there will be a mistake in it, then it will tell you about the Spelling Mistake, after clicking on it, your spelling will automatically improve. To use Android application, you have to change your Default Keyboard. Grammarly also offers its own keyboard for Android smartphones through which you can do Typing.

Grammarly Free Vs Premium Vs Business Version

Grammarly is available in 3 versions: Free, Premium, Business. If you are using the free version of Grammarly then in this you can only improve Spelling Mistake, but if you have bought the Premium and Business version then you can also improve Spelling Mistake as well as Sentence. Apart from this, a Dictionary is also available in it.

If you have purchased Business Version and many other people want to use Grammarly with you, then you can create your account by becoming an Admin yourself. In this way, other users will be able to use Grammarly in Free.

After using the Grammarly App, you will become very proficient in English Language because it shows your Spelling Mistakes again and again. If you will not repeat your mistakes again and again, you can write very good English later. Grammarly can prove to be a boon for bloggers wishing to start a blog in English Language.