Some best mobile applications for Android users that are a must have in your phone

Some best mobile applications for Android users that are a must have in your phone

Some best mobile applications for Android users that are a must have in your phone –  Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, today we are going to give you information on a very important subject in this article.  Today we will tell you about some such mobile applications in our article that it is mandatory for the mobile application to be in your phone.  If you also want to know about these applications, then read this article till the last.

Some best mobile applications for Android users that are a must have in your phone

Friends, as you all know, smartphone is a very important gadget for all of us.  Most people use this smartphone.  But friends, one thing is also true that a smartphone is nothing without the application present in them.  You do different operations in this smartphone and you do this operation with the help of different applications.  Today there are many such applications in the Internet which you can use for other tasks.  If you do not have this application installed in your phone, then install them immediately.

Friends, below, we are telling you about some such mobile applications whose mobile application is mandatory to stay in your phone.  If you have this mobile application in your phone then you will get a lot of help and you can do your hardest work within few seconds.

Bhim Application

Friends, if you go to the bank and set up a line there for hours and then go and do your transaction, then it is mandatory to have Bhim application in your phone.  Because Bhim application is a type of e-wallet application.  If you have this Bhim application in your phone, then with the help of this application you can transfer money to anyone in the country and the world and can take money from it in your account.  Along with this, you can deposit electricity bill, mobile bill, house money etc.  You must have a bank account to use this application.  And you have to link that bank account with Bhim application.

Digilocker application

Friends, this application has also been developed by the Government of India.  It is a type of locker.  Many times it happens that we forget about our very important documents like Aadhar card marksheet, driving license, car paper, etc. somewhere.  If you also use this application, then here you are given a locker facility.  You can keep all your documents safe in this application and use them when needed.

My government application

Friends, the government wants to have direct communication with its citizens and seek their suggestions, which is why the government has launched the My Government application.  By using this application, you can get information about any scheme released by the government.  Along with this, if you want to give any suggestion to the government or want to get information on a subject, then you can also do that through this application.

IRCTC application

Friends, this is the official application of Indian Railways.  You can get complete information related to the train using this application.  There are many people in our country who use trains to travel.  With this application you can confirm your ticket, get ticket information, check train status, check PNR status.  You can take all the information related to railway from this application.

Umang application

Friends, this application is also a very amazing application.  By using this application, you can use some of your official documents like passport GST or many other facilities and see their complete information.

112 applications

Friends, this application should be in everyone’s phone. For women this application is amost important application for security.  This is an application that gives you privacy and production all the time.  If you are in any danger then you have to go long press in this application.  It will send your location and your message to the number you set and all your location will reach the police.

MAadhar application

The Aadhaar card is a very important document for all of us.  If you want to download your Aadhar card, make some changes in Aadhaar card, or if you want to see the statement of Aadhaar card, then you can use the Aadhar application.  This application is a government verified application.

Government Job

Friends, this is also an official application of the government.  The number of jobs that the government launches and all the information related to jobs, you will continue to get information on this application.  You can use this application to get updates related to jobs.


That’s all for today.  Today, there were some applications for you which you can use for your daily work and make your work easier.  That’s all for today.  This was a little information for you today.  We hope you liked the information.  We keep bringing you information in other subjects.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time

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