What Are Social Networking Sites ? 

What Are Social Networking Sites

What Are Social Networking Sites ?  Use Of Social Networks And Best Social Network Platforms – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, today we are going to give you information on a very important subject in this article.  Today in this article, we will tell you about the social network platform.  And will also explain what are social networking platforms and why they are used?  Friends, if you also want to get this information, then read our article till the last.  In this article, you have been given complete information about the social network.

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Friends, if you know the Internet, we are sure that you have heard about social networking sites.  If you are not aware of internet and you have just started using smartphone then you must know about social network site because it helps us a lot.

Friends, social network sites prove to be very important for you if you are a politician, or a businessman, or if you have a product and want to promote it.  By using them, you can reach your product or your country and the world in a very short time.

As you know the present time is completely technical.  Many years ago, when people did not have much knowledge about the technical field, people had to face many problems.  If they had to send a message from one place to another, or if they had to deliver something about themselves, then they had to walk on their own.  Or had to get the help of the post office.  But since the use of social network sites, this work has become much easier since then.  Now, in just one click, you can convey your message hundreds of kilometers away from one place to another.  And you can do this work only with the help of your smartphone.

What Are Social Network Sites ?

Friends, there is hardly anyone in this world who does not know about social network sites.  We all use social network sites every day but we do not know about them.  Social network sites are a platform using which we can reach out to hundreds of people at once, listen to them, exchange their views, send any media or any photo.  Yes, you can get news of the country and the world and you can do all these things from your home.  We do not need to go anywhere for this.

Friends, if you use smartphones, then your smartphone will have many applications like WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Instagram.  In which you watch a lot of videos, upload your own videos or photos, read the news, get to know about the news of the country and the world.  All these are covered under social media platforms and these are called social networking sites.

Uses Of Social Media Sites

Friends, if we start counting the usage of social media network, then the entire article will be finished.  In short you can understand that social media network is an important part of our life and without these the present time is completely incomplete.  Today we are totally dependent on social network sites.  If it is not, then we will have to face many problems.  Below are some of the best uses of social network sites.

If you are away from your family relatives or friends and want to be in touch with them always then you can use social network sites.

If you are a businessman and you have a product, you want to promote that product, want to reach your product to a lot of people, and tell people about your product, then you can use social network sites.

If you are a politician or want to popularize yourself, you can still use social network sites.

Which incident is happening in which corner of our country?  How are the present conditions of the country?  Which event has happened in which city?  Social site is used to get all this information.

Social sites are used to oppose a bad event anywhere in the country or to support a good event.

Best platform for social network sites

If you have not yet started using social network sites.  And you want to use a social network site.  But you do not understand which platform you should use.  So you don’t have to be upset anymore.  Below we are going to tell you about some popular social network sites.  By using them, you can get the news of the country and the world and stay connected with the people.


Yes friends, if you want to be popular in a short time.  Want to promote your product in a short time.  If you want to reach every person in the world, then you can use Facebook.  Facebook is a very popular social networking site.  It is a type of application.  You will find this application on the Google Play Store.  The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg.  Facebook is very easy to use.  In Facebook, you have to create an ID and create a password.  And with the help of the same ID password, you can login to Facebook.

Using Facebook, you can talk to anyone, make an audio call, make a video call, watch new videos, view photos, comment on someone’s opinion, you can give your own opinion. You can express your ideas to the people.

Talking about Facebook in terms of security, it is not as safe.  Because many times it happens that people hack our ID password.  Hacking Facebook is easy, that’s why people do not consider it appropriate to use Facebook due to security features.  Facebook is an absolutely free social network site.  If we talk about the user on Facebook, then crores of users use Facebook today.


Friends, if there is a most secure social network site, then it is WhatsApp.  WhatsApp is very safe especially for girls.  WhatsApp is also a type of social networking sites.  You can download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.  In WhatsApp, you can only communicate to those people whose numbers you have saved in your phone, that’s why it is considered safe.

You can also make audio calls, video calls, group video calls to anyone using WhatsApp.  You can watch videos, talk to anyone, but you can do all this only with people you know.  Because to make friends in WhatsApp, you have to save people in your phone.


Friends, if you are fond of getting information on different topics or you want to study online, then there is no better platform than YouTube for that.  YouTube is a type of video streaming platform.  In YouTube, you will find thousands of videos on each topic that you can watch.

If you are a student, you do not understand any topic, then you can watch it from YouTube.  If you want to watch a movie, you can also watch it on YouTube.  In YouTube, you get to see different types of videos.  If you want to record a personal video of yourself and upload it to YouTube, then you can also do this work easily and in return you will also get money.

When you buy a new smartphone, you get YouTube already installed in it.  If you do not have YouTube on your phone, you can download it from the Google Play Store.  YouTube is a completely free application and you do not have to pay any money in exchange for using it.


Friends Instagram is also a popular social media platform.  Instagram is a Facebook product.  Initially, Instagram and Facebook were different, but just a few years ago Facebook has bought many applications like Instagram Messenger WhatsApp.  Since then, Instagram has become the application of Facebook itself.  In Instagram, we do not require you to create a separate account.

If you use Facebook, you can also use Instagram with the same account.  The features you get on Facebook are the same features found on Instagram.  But Instagram is more secure than Facebook in terms of security, that’s why people use Instagram more.  Celebrity cricketer Polytician has also created his own account in Instagram and is using it.


Guys that’s all for today.  Today this was q little information.  This information of today ends here.  Today in this article we told you what are social networking sites and why are they used?  Together we told you about some popular social networking platforms.

We hope you like this information.  Friends, we keep bringing many kinds of information for you.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day