What Is Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate ?

What Is Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate

What Is Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate ? – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  Friends, in this article today we are going to give you information on a very important subject.  Today we will tell you what is the bounce rate and how to reduce the bounce rate?  Friends, if you are also a blogger and your blog is not being successful, then this article is very important for you, because today in this article you will know some information that after knowing it you can easily access your blog.

Friends, if you are also a blogger or you have a website, then you must have heard about the bounce rate.  If you do not know about the bounce rate, then there is no need to get upset because today you will know everything about the bounce rate.

What Is Bounce Rate And How To Reduce Bounce Rate ?

The problem with many people is that they upload articles daily but still their article does not get traffic and they are not getting approval from Google Adsense.  The biggest reason behind this is that their bounce rate is very high because the higher our bounce rate, the lower the value of our article and the lower our bounce rate, the better our article will perform.  That is why it is very important for the article to have a low bounce rate in order to perform well.

What Is Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is a statistic that tells you how many visitors to your blog who leave your blog after reading just one page.

Every article we upload is at least 2 to 3 pages, out of which there are many visitors who come to our blog and read only one page and then are left.  If any one of your blog is left reading a page, then your bounce rate will go up and the higher your bounce rate, the more your blog’s performance will fall.

Let us now explain to you by an example.  Suppose your blog has a bounce rate of 70%.  This means that 70% of the people in your blog are those who get left after reading just one page.  If the bounce rate of your blog is 100%, then it means that all the people who visit your blog are left by reading only one page, but if the bounce rate of your blog is 10% then it means that  Only 10% people are back by reading just one page and the rest 90% of people read your entire blog.  It’s very good for you

How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

Friends, as we told you that the lower the bounce rate of your blog, the better your blog will perform.  If you want your blog to perform well, then for that you have to keep the bounce rate of your blog low, for which you can follow the tips given below.

Quality Content

When visitors visit our blog and read our first page, if they like that first page, then they read the next page, but if they do not like the first page then they are left from there.  If you want people to read your blog completely, then for that you have to use quality content.

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When you use quality content, people will get interest in reading your blog and they will read your blog completely, which will reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

Navigation And Design

Friends, sometimes we use such templates in our blog that do not support in someone’s phone and their loading time is very high.  When someone opens our website and the website does not open properly, it is backed up and left, due to which our bounce rate increases.  If you want your bounce rate to be low, then for that you need to use a well designed template in your blog which is mobile friendly and open easily in anyone’s mobile.

Divide Your Post Into Multiple Pages

If you want your blog to have a lower bounce rate then this is a good way for that.  Whenever you upload an article of yours, divide it into several pages and create some suspense in it.  When someone reads the first page, he will also have the desire to read the second page and he will definitely read the second page.


So there were some major tips for friends or you, by following the tips, you can reduce the bounce rate of your blog and increase the performance of your blog.  So we hope you liked this information.  Today in this article we told you how to reduce the bounce rate of the blog?  If you want to get this kind of information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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