What Is Digital india And What Is Its Purpose ?

What Is Digital india And What Is Its Purpose

What Is Digital india And What Is Its Purpose ?You must have heard leaders talking about Digital India many times on TV. On this matter, you will have a question that what is Digital India and what is its purpose? Actually Digital India is a better program run by the Government of India which aims to empower the whole of India digitally. Under this program, people are also given basic information about smartphones and computers and a certificate is also given. This program is becoming very popular in rural areas.

What Is Digital india And What Is Its Purpose ?

The Digital India program was launched by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on 1 July 2015 in the presence of big industry figures like Anil Ambani Azim Premji Cyrus Mistry. During this program it was resolved to empower and digitally empower the whole of India.

Three Major Objectives of Digital India

1 – Informing every citizen of India about the utility of Digital India

2 – Demand administration and services provided by citizens

3 – Digitally empowering every citizen of the country

Major schemes run under Digital India program:

To empower the citizens of India digitally, a number of schemes are being run under the Digital India program, which we are going to tell you below:

Broadband Highway Security Scheme

Broadband facility is being provided in all villages under this scheme. For this, the government has started laying fiber optics cables. All the work under this scheme is to provide broadband connectivity at a speed of 100mbps. Due to this facility, the people of the village will also be able to take information about the Internet and at the same time will also be able to get information about many important things. Not only this, people related to agricultural work will also be able to get familiar with market rates and government schemes.

Mobile Connectivity

Under the Digital India program, it has been targeted that all citizens of the country should have a smartphone of their own. Although in cities you will see the smartphone with all adult citizens, but many people are still using basic phones in the village, due to which they cannot use internet facilities and mobile banking.

Public Internet Access Program

Under this scheme, all government departments are being connected to the Internet. Due to this, the government departments will be able to reach the public and the public will not have to go round the government departments again and again. All government departments will make their data available on their website, through which any person can take information of this department from anywhere with the help of internet.


Under this scheme all government work has to be done online. For example, if you are filling a form for a job or applying for any department, then all the process will be done online as well as the payment will be done online. Many departments now have such facility. Now only a few departments are left in which the facility of filling the online form has not been given.


Under this scheme, free WiFi will be provided to all school colleges. For this, broadband connectivity will be provided by the government to all school colleges. Apart from this, all types of courses will also be made online, from which e-education has been named. Apart from this, with the help of health care facility, online medical, online medicine supply and online information will be provided to the patients.

That is why many such online apps have been launched nowadays, with the help of which you can get advice and prescribe medicines from home with the help of live video calling. Under the Kranti Yojana, many facilities like mobile banking, e-court, e-police will be made available to farmers like mandi bhav, cyber security and loans.