What Is Facebook Instant Article And How To Activate

What Is Facebook Instant Article And How To Activate

What Is Facebook Instant Article And How To Activate – Hello friends and welcome to our blogging website. Friends, today we are going to talk about this article on a very interesting topic. Today we will talk through this article what is Facebook instant article and how to activate it.

What Is Facebook Instant Article And How To Activate

Friends, some time ago, Facebook has launched a new feature of instant article. This feature is very useful for Facebook users. Because until now how did we make money from Facebook? To earn money from Facebook, we used to earn money by sharing the link of affiliate marketing or promoting a product or by leading the link of someone’s block.

What Is Facebook Instant Article And How To Activate

With the help of instant article feature, you can earn money by sharing the article of your blog or website on Facebook and monetizing Facebook ad. Friends, if you have a blog or website, you can easily advertise on Facebook page and make very good income every month.

What Is Facebook instant Article

friends, the way we make money by monetizing our website with Google Adsense. In the same way Facebook is also giving us an opportunity to earn money with the help of instant articles. Best 5 Smartphone Indian Browser

Friends, About this are going to benefit you in two ways. If you use the stand article, then it will also bring a lot of traffic to your website. And together with the help of instant article you can make a good income every month.

How To Activate Facebook Instant Article In WordPress?

It is very easy to activate This is in the world press. We will give you complete detail through this article. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned by us.

  •  First of all, open the browser in your computer.
  •  Now open Facebook account in your browser and then login.
  •  Now in open the second tab then open https://www.facebook.com/facebookmedia/solutions/instant-articles website.
  •  Here you will get an option to sign up. Click on which you sign up and then you login to the account.
  •  You must have created all the pages on Facebook account. You will see all the pages below here. Your page will be eligible for the instant article. Eligible will appear in front of that page.
  •   You click on the page which is eligible for the instant article.
  •  After this, the page will open in front of you. Now you have to go to the settings of the page.
  •  After going to the settings, you will see that an option of instant article will appear on the left side, on which you have to click.
  •  Now you have to set the initial set up.
  •  Now you will see Claim your url option here. You have to verify your website by clicking on this option. As soon as you click on Verify, you will get an HTML code.
  •   You have to copy and paste the HTML code into the head section of your WordPress website.
  •  Now come back to the Facebook page. And below where you copied the HTML code, you have to enter the URL of your website.
  •  After this, your website will be verified on Facebook Instant Article.

How To Setup Instant Article On WordPress?

  • You will need Facebook App ID to setup WordPress Instant Article Plugin and you can get it in two ways.
  • Go to Facebook Developer and create your page’s App Id.
  • After logging into the instant article, Page App ID shows in the URL, you can copy it from there.
  • Now you log into the WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins Option and click on New Plugin. And then install and activate Facebook Instant Article Plugin from here.
  • After activating the plugin, an option of Instant Articles will show in your dashboard. Open it and enter your Page App ID in Facebook Page ID and then click on Save.
  • The second step in Facebook Instant article Set-up is for Submit for Review. From where you have to submit your request to the Facebook team to activate the instant article. But it has some condition, only after completing it, you can submit it for review.
  • There should be at least 5 posts on your website, only then you can submit for this review. If you have 5 articles, you can submit by clicking on Submit for review.


Friends, through this article we have given you complete information about what is Facebook Instant article and how to activate it. I hope that after reading this article you will have understood about This.

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